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the same routine on and on and on and on
Tuesday, August 04, 2009
i have nothing to do. utterly boring days.
i keep repeating the same routine since like the beginning of the semester.
sigh, this semester will be my killer semester as i have 3 assignments due in week 5 and 4 others due in week 10. just kill me already!

yay i have this new hobby to help me kills time. reading online manga.
and nay i become the laziest bum due to this new hobby.
i read online all the time staring at my laptop and cursing the slow connection.
keep pushing F5 helplessly.

i think i am officially addicted with vampire story.
i dont know why but maybe its just a coincidence.
my fave series -houseofnightseries- is about vamp and even at this time i am reading vamp manga online (wtf!)....
so my newly fave character is vampire. gyahaha

ps: uh my housemates are so damn annoying. at first he/she committed to save electricty bills but now at 10.30 the aircon is on already. tsk! don't you see the notice already?! its been there like FOREVER!!
glanced at the mirror at 10:08 pm