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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
New Year

~have a blessed year~
glanced at the mirror at 6:32 pm
merry xmas
Thursday, December 25, 2008





glanced at the mirror at 12:21 pm
sigh sigh sigh sigh and more sigh
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
i AM missing home

i kinda regret taking this course as there's only a few people signed up 
better have a nice long break back at home

-nasi sudah jadi bubur-

it was my own decision that i made. 
i did not think about this kind of stuff when i insisted to be on the waiting list

lately i always sigh-ing
i know it is a big no no habit but i really need to sigh
people encounter many problems in their life,
ME <-- no exception

pray for me that i can resolve the problems soonish
glanced at the mirror at 2:25 am
Monday, December 15, 2008
i feel kinda boring on summer class this time round, the major reason is because i'm the only one who attending while my other besties are having fun.
Two of them are currently working in Seaworld Orlando. Dang! That must be exciting.

And this term is damn boring and somemore we come to campus trice a week. Boo!!
We have two major assignments both weighs 30% and 40% on final exam.
By the way, my lecturer is a HE. When i had a first look of him i thought he came from somewhere in Middle East but after hearing his accent i jumped into conclusion that he is a local. Duh~
I wonder why, people here in Malaysia and Singapore has similar accent -Singlish- and like to mix up english with their native languages - sometimes Cantonese, BM, or unidentified-words-from-whatever-language!
More or less it influences on my accent, which is now like Malay-ish English. Sigh~

Okay la, really meh?, go yum cha lor~, i eat dy.

What the heck.... I'm speaking that old Chinese uncle language now. lols

For anyone playing Neopets please Neofriend me. I recently re-joined it to kill time.
My ID: seamaster888

Okay than see you around~
glanced at the mirror at 5:14 pm
Monday, December 08, 2008

NOBODY's perfect

therefore i'm PERFECT

glanced at the mirror at 2:35 pm