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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
ah sudah lama gk nge blog..
maap ya sodara sodari blognya agak terlantar...huhuhu

td gwe lg bernostalgia sama postingan gwe yg dulu2 bgt..malahan gwe baca dr yg pertama kali gwe nulis blog...
!! bahasa tulisan gwe aneh bgt..gwe aja yg nulis sendiri dulu eh pas baca lg sekarang gk tau apa tuh yg gwe tulis..bnr2 aneh!!!

yg jelas sih skrg keknya gwe dah makin DEWASA,,cieilaahh, gwe uda mengurangi ngomongin hal2 yg bersifat sepele, gak jelas, n agak2 privat gt..aduh gwe bnr2 merasa aneh dgn diri gwe yg dulu...

tapi, dr bacaan gwe dgn si postingan lama..gwe nyadar kalo sekarang tuh gwe ampir lost contact sama org2 yg dulunya gwe deket banget...

gwe merasa kok sifat gwe jelek amat ye, krn gwe tuh orgnya ya, kalo dah jarang ktemu sama tu org, g rada males nyapa, chatting..mentok2 coman basa basi doank, krn gwe merasa awkward gt.kek gk ada yg diomongin lg gt..jd gwe lebih memilih diam ato gk senyam senyum doank...
aslinya sih kl gwe pikir2 tuh dulunya deeekeeeet bgt..kl bisa gwe kira2 tuh tmn gwe dr dulu pertama kali dtg k sini sampe sekarang tuh coman 1 org...aiishh..sisanya dah kek tmn biasa doank...aaarrgggghhh...


dah gt dah gt, emang sih ingatan gwe tuh gk berapa bagus nginget org...sampe dah sering tuh, ada tmn lama yg ktemu tp gwe coman inget namanya doank (padahal kt bisa ngobrol sampe heboh gt loh tanpa gwe nyebut nama dy 1x pun)..trs ada tmn pas les bareng d SD eeh kmrn ni ktemu lg n tu org masih inget gwe, padahal gwe gk inget muka dy...hahaha..
dan gwe bersyukur banget orang bisa inget gwe sedangkan gwe ini orgnya cpt lupa...

jd mulai sekarang gwe bertekat untuk lebih berusaha berteman, mengingat teman, dan tetap menjalin pertemanan itu dgn baek...
AYO AYO nez!!! pasti bisaaa....

karena teman adalah harta yg berharga
glanced at the mirror at 3:30 pm
fake fake fake...huh
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More blogging at school..

little update: I CUT MY HAIR….

Omg it is damn short,,panjangnya kira2 seleher gt…huhu..but my friends said its suit my face, so NO BIG DEAL except that in the morning its like rambut nanasnya tau ming se di meteor garden…dan lbh parahnya ni rambut gk bisa turun..aaaaaaaaaawwwwhhh HORRIBLE!!!

My internet connection at home is become worse and worse…I couldn’t access blogger *dammit*, no more MSN or other IM(so now currently im using meebo)..huhu..cannot open my hotmail account and worse I couldn’t post anything (whether in blog, facebook, or forums). Sial bayar mahal2 tp jelek koneksinya, tp yg bikin nancep..out of 6 persons on my apartment, only 2 persons in master room who only can access windowslivemessenger and hotmail..aaaw why do they get such privilege while the others don’t. ah sebel!!!!!

Okay, last night I couldn’t sleep as I just discovered that my 4 gigs SONY memory card is FAKE!!! Dammit..sebel tingkat tinggi euy..no wonder I could buy the PSP set with so cheap price tag…ah eeks bgt gk sih!!?? I dunno whether this fake memory will cause any harm to my gadget or not. Jd gini critanya, last night I found new forums for psp games and inside this one forum there’s member posted the thread about this fake memory card, and after I realised that my one is also FAKE I was SHOCKED!!! Until couldn’t sleep at all..huhu..click here if you want to check ur mmc originality

However the good news is that I still can use the memory and I hope it wont spoil as my MOM will EAT me if that thing ever happens…ahhaha
Ah disini dingin banget, comp lab nya dingin!!! Ato karena gwe duduk d bwh ac ya..hahaha..

Ah uda ah mata eke sakit kebanyakan liat layar komputer… bye for now..cabzzz

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glanced at the mirror at 3:35 pm
heavy rain, weird yet funny lecturer, new skin, new hairstyle
Thursday, August 07, 2008
waaa...IM SO WET!!!
basah..it is raining cat and dog..estegenege!!!
some more anginnya kenceeng bgt
ampe kuyup semua..huhu
dah gitu emang org2 sini rese bgt!!!

uda tau students pada jalan kaki k kampus yg jaraknya 2 km.
uda tau ni lg ujan gede bgt
uda tau anginnya jg kenceng
uda tau ada genangan aer
masih aja sengaja ngebut d samping trotoar *padahal jalanannya tu gede n lagi kosong*
jadi aja aernya nyiprat semua k baju...

gak ada tenggang rasa
gak ada tepa selira
gak ada gotong royong kasih tumpangan gwe k kampus

sekarang gwe kebasahan, masuk k lecture hall kedinginan, lecturenya about arbitrage, gurunya gelo, neranginnya asal2an, malahan kadang dy bingung sendiri
SWT bgt!!!
dah gt ngasi contoh arbitragenya kocak bgt.

first he asked: how much is the price for big mac meal in McD Malaysia?
random ppl ans: 9 bucks
then he continued: well, the price of the same item in US is MAYBE around $7. so will u or will u not buy the meal in malaysia and sell it in the US??

satu hall ngakak...
sumpah ni guru gejeee(gek jeles - gak jelas)!!!

hiburan yg aneh.


i changed my blog layout coz many ppl complained the previous skin made my blog slow or something so they couldnt read the posts (i hope not with this skin)...hahaha
my new skin is nice, isn't it? i heart the colour


im planning to change my hairstyle or maybe i should say shorten my hair. coz now i need to take better care of it...i have an acute hairfall problem..nyeeehh
my room is FULL of my hair..my damaged hair.
but still looking for hair model that suits my chubby round face...haiah

im off now...mo browsing2 dl..hehe
cao cao

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glanced at the mirror at 4:09 pm
kepo guy kepo guy
Monday, August 04, 2008

OMFG!!! This coming Friday the dance lesson is CHA CHA CHA!!!!!!!!

Aarrghhh I want to go~~ tapi apa daya hr jumat bakalan selalu ada halangan. Wawawa, but I hope this Friday I can join the workshop. Huhu

Okay again I’m blogging in my campus library. And a group of people sitting next to me is so DAMN noisy. Damn ANNOYING!!! I hate them, as this is the QUIET AREA but they are DISCUSSING here. Huh. I know this is for assignment but HELLO!!! QUIET AREA and yet you are talking damn loudly! huh. Some more one guy from that group is the most kepoEST people I’ve ever seen (dah gt orgnya sotoy lg!! benci benci benci).

Ps: guess what that KEPO guy KNOWS my boyfriend!!! Dunia sempit amat

La la la I just informed my bf aka dance partner about CHA CHA CHA thingy and he ran away…ahahahaha I will force him on the CHA-day…

Bye for now, im going for lecture…

glanced at the mirror at 3:44 pm
sobs sobs sobs and more sobs
Friday, August 01, 2008
Well I think I did not manage to get the HOUSE..huhu so sad TT_______TT

We had asked the houses that I told about in the last post. But the owner said that the actual unit they’re going to let is in LAGOON PERDANA. Sobs.

So it means that we DO NOT HAVE any place to stay when the agreement is terminated, which resulting in ME in the OLD APARTMENT UNIT!! I’m really looking forward for this plan to be succeed but its all gone. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Ceeh!!

KL is no longer raining lately but the weather is so damn hot until I melt!! Nyahaha everyday, I have to bring my BIG UNFOLDABLE ORANGE UMBRELLA.. bah!! Not only once but often I forgot to bring back my lovely umbrella but due to the kindness of my dearest friends, I’m still able to have it until now (to be left again in the lecture hall).

KL PANASSSS!!! Macam di dalam oven..arghhh. I hate this weather. I like neither hot nor rain. Ceh. Pgn nya mendung2 aja. Gk panas gk hujan. Cloudy day is the best for me (but not for my laundry =P) since I do not have to bring umbrella..haha

Another topic, my university is holding free latin dance workshop. Last week was SALSA and this week is RHUMBA. But sadly I cannot attend the workshop (eventhough its free admission) I got something to do at home..huhuhu

RHUMBA … the dance of LOVE. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh pasti romantis nari tarian ini.hahaha and coincidentally my partner aka my boyfriend has to go somewhere with his friend so ya literaly I don’t have dance partner..nyahahaha

Yasuda lah, sapa tau minggu depan bisa…

RHUMBA .. Dance of Love

Aahahha geloo!!!

glanced at the mirror at 2:12 pm