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planning to move out
Monday, July 28, 2008
my friend and i are looking for a new home..this time is a
cause i think my tenancy contract will be TERMINATED at the end of this year

but in this new HOME, the residents will only be MY FRIEND that is teman satu genk
so the future residents are me, jessica, wenny, tania (hope so) and still looking for more people cause the HOUSE is too BIG for 4 of us..

we have two choices
one home is located near to INDAH VILLA apartment *tp rumahnya agak gk terawat*

actually i prefer the one in PJS, the house is so nice and big (fyi both houses are located in the corner).

awww awww
jd terbayang2 tinggal d rmh yg isinya tmn2 akrab semua
bs diajak ngirit
bs diajak masak2
bs diajak bersih2

looking forward for it

ps: skrg msh nge blog d kampus, bakalan nganggur 2 jem sampe jem 4 lecture dan gwe jd penitipan buku...argghh

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glanced at the mirror at 2:02 pm
new term new lifeeee
Thursday, July 24, 2008
new semester has started
i have a very lazy schedule *apalah lazy schedule*
actually i arranged it in purpose to make my uni life easier

AFW 2401 Tutorial 13.00-14.00
ECW 2721 Lecture 16.00-18.00

AFW 2401 Lecture 16.00-18.00

FREEE!!! yippee and its also movie day *kl indonya mah nomat*

AFW 2341 Lecture 14.00-16.00

ECW 2721 Tutorial 10.00-11.00
AFW 2341 Tutorial 11.00-12.00
AFW 2631 Tutorial 12.00-13.00
AFW 2631 Lecture 15.00-17.00

huahahaha my dying day is FRIDAY!!!!
crazy laa...actually i wanted to change my AFW 2401 tutorial to Friday 14.00 but then theres no space available..class full already..huuhuu

gwe cuman sekolah d sore hari
saya makhluk sore
hahah kupu2 soree

my lecturers are damn funny la,,one of them always make not funny joke aka garing!!!
however tingkat humor org2 malaysia sangat rendah dimana joke garing aja mrk bisa ngakak swt~~~


i am now blogging in the library as my internet connection at home is DAMN LAME!!!
huh !!

one morning the modem was spoiled and on the afternoon my housemates bought the new modem for 95 bucks which mean more money to spend hufffff~~
the next problem after the new modem arrived was that the internet provider cut out our connection. they claimed that we had not paid the fees!!padahal udah!!!

then my tenant complained at the customer service and the connection would be re activated within 24 hr...
but guess what...now the connection is very slow..
even friendster website cannot be opened..
and i also cannot blog
i hate TMnet~~
glanced at the mirror at 4:05 pm
Friday, July 18, 2008

i took this news from yahoo news

read read read read:

SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - As if rising gasoline prices weren't enough, motorists are being hit by higher parking charges, with London coming up tops as the world's most expensive city to park your car, according to a survey.

Parking your car in the City, London's financial district, costs on average $68.07 a day, or $1,166.87 a month, while parking in the popular West End entertainment district cost $1,135.76 month, according to an annual survey by real estate firm Colliers International that was conducted in June.

Sydney, Australia, came in second, with parking costing $774.76 a month, closely followed by Hong Kong at $742.40 a month. Perth, also in Australia, was fourth at $610.42 a month.

In the United States, New York City's Midtown was the priciest place to park at $585 a month, followed by the city's Downtown at $462 a month.

"We continue to observe a direct correlation between the rising cost of monthly parking and the ongoing strength of the office real estate market," said Ross Moore, director of market and economic research at Colliers International.

"This dearth of parking and accompanying rise in cost, coupled with skyrocketing fuel prices exacerbates the everyday headaches faced by commuters."

The Colliers survey tracked 64 downtown areas in the United States and Canada as well as 74 cities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In Europe, Stockholm was the second most expensive place to park after London ($508.92 a month) while Santiago, Chile was Latin America's priciest place at $200 a month.

In the Middle East and Africa, Tel Aviv, Israel and the Gulf city of Dubai were tied at the top spot with monthly parking costing $198.48 while Cape Town, South Africa, came in second at $137.77 a month.

And if you're looking for the world's cheapest place to park, head to Jakarta, the car-clogged capital of Indonesia, where monthly parking costs a mere $26.07.

ps: ya ampun tak pernah kusangka parkir sebulan d jakarta msh blm nutup parkir sehari d London..hahhahaa

ampun dijeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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