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Friday, May 30, 2008
ma old bad habit kumat lagii!!!
sleep late night, early morning
supper supper supper

mayday mayday mayday

almost exam
gyaa gyaa gyaa
kumat gilanya deh
doakan saya sukses ya d ujian
glanced at the mirror at 1:27 am
random posts
Monday, May 26, 2008
i found interesting photos from excitecar forum

the title said stupid cameramen and movie director

so funny..click picture to enlarge
credits to: badtz

izzit too dark mr bush?

mr president found a new way to read book

okay.. a plane??? troy??

adidas..the maker of the head cover =.="

safety first.. =P

wearing a watch???lol

umm sir,,u drop ur walkie talkie

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glanced at the mirror at 1:28 pm
my 19th bday
Sunday, May 25, 2008

picture above was my 19th bday cake
so cutee....
i love the mushroom from mario bros
bidip bidip bidip
glanced at the mirror at 12:17 pm
Friday, May 16, 2008
teacher's day is today
happy teacher's day

and bad thing im still awake
its 5 in the morning
havent finish my 3000words assignment on Monster.com and it must be submitted before 5
still left the executive summary, references, appendices, table of contents, and PORTER'S FIVE FORCES

i think i wont sleep
unless i finish or i cant stand it anymore

cya folks
glanced at the mirror at 4:28 am
happy mother's day
Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day mom!!!!!

selamat hari ubi mamiku sayaangg~

and for all mothers out there



glanced at the mirror at 10:58 pm
living a smart life
Friday, May 09, 2008
i watched a so-called apresentation for international conference in my e-business class. it was about smart life...
if not mistaken its titled: Tomorrow, Welcome to the Future.

it is about future concept life where every machine is SMART.

first they show the smart refrigerator that can scan whats inside it and if there's out of stock product, the refrigerator will directly send message to the owner's personal gadget (mobile phone, PDA, laptop, etc).

the second is smart washing machine, a smart gadget that can detect what we put inside and whether theres color fabrics in the all white laundry. *mencegah kelunturan boook*

third, moving on the shopping center. they have smart trolley that can show the buyer of what things they put inside; smart shelves that detect the stock of products and also if theres any misplacement *dimana biasanya customer yg gk jd bl barang nge geletakin dimana aja*

fourth, smart dressing room. when we want to try the clothes we are no longer physically try on the clothes but we only stand in front of a big mirror and the machine will digitally put the clothes on our reflection, we can even change the colors and models *serasa lg maen the sims*

then when cewe2 want to buy make up, they only stand in front of smart mirror and the make up will be applied on the reflection *ni lg create dandanan the sims*

lalu employees yg kerja disana will wear something like smart bangles with digital chip jadi when the employees serve the customers, nama mrk directly kecatet krn ada tu self scanned barcode gt, jd komisi lgsg masuk k account si employee.
then pas mao kluar, aka pay at the cashier counter. the cashier is no longer pick up satu2 product and scanned, tp ditaro semacem alat pendeteksi kayak pintu masuk toko2, jd self scanned gt ttp d dlm trolley n si kasir tinggal kasih tunjuk total price gt *enak bgt kerjaannya*

it was amazing but somehow i think it is a high level of imagination and hardly come true where in fact the idea is IMPLEMENTED in GERMANY as a prototype.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww
the lecturer said in total theres about 26 stores with such kind of technology accross germany..aaa mau sekaliiii

but i wonder how many smart mirrors or smart dressing rooms they should build.
pasti kan org2 keasikan coba2 sampe2 lupa kl itu d shopping center.hahahah
dan cewe2 nyoba dandanan,,waaaaw bs lupa waktu, dah gt bisa print hasil dandanan yg kita mao lg lengkap dgn muka kita, bisa2 dijadiin ajang photobox.

oh iya this afternoon i passed up my management assignment
i did it in only 2 days. crazy!!!
hope i pass...

waaaahh its almost mother's day
11 May 2008...

siap2 buy present for ur mom..hehe
tp kl d indo sih msh 22 dec ya
gtg, ngantukkk....babaaaay
glanced at the mirror at 10:45 pm
Monday, May 05, 2008
detik demi detik
menit demi menit
jam demi jam
hari demi hari
minggu demi minggu
bulan demi bulan
tahun demi tahun...
ok yg trakir emang berlebihan


dan ditungguin eeh gk bnr2 jg
ada aja masalahnya
pertama di format
kena virus trs gk bs nyala
kena adware
gk bs di clean (ni adware ngeblok semua program)
gk ada suaran wireless!!
registry error!!!

pgn bantai org..
mana minggu2 sibuk mulai lg nih
huh laptop knp kah dikau????

tar balek indo mo k fujitsu lah, membetulkan biar kembali seperti baru

btw anybody play viwawa????
if yes add me id: eke
this game is sooo addicting
last few days i ve been playing this game in my school
glanced at the mirror at 6:52 pm