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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
what to blog ar? actually last week i got bunch o things to write but now seems im getting older, i FORGOT everything! Yes, EVERYTHING..

soo hummm, i think im going to shower first then only continue blog
shoot!! somebody entered the bathroom right after i came out of the room..sigh
okay continue the blog
yesterday i cooked AGAIN.haha
black pepper fried rice, ma ling, sausages, and fried chicken
such simple menu for dinner
haha but then i ruined the kitchen, the floor became slippery *due to hubby's analysis, it was the oil from which i fried the chicken AND worse, my room's floor also slippery!!!
argh, feel like ice skating inside the house
ugh! i have to mop..yaiks
i hate mopping, i touch neither the mop or the water (i asked my housemate to do squeeze the mop for me HAHA)
i always like so EEEWWW when i found wet hair *even if its from my head baha!*


-.-.- aaaaaaaaaa i need to pee....!!!! but still someone in the bathroom, i can tell if the person coming in or out the bathroom as the door cracks a LOT!!! i can hear it from my room.


last week i got my exam time table and right after that i booked a flight home for June 20th, 2008 yaaay!!!
i got a student-friendly exam timetable, i have gap in between to study.yikaka
ah talking about exam, this friday, i will be doing this so-called-mid-test for subject : "Accounting Information System and Financial Modelling"
7 topics *i think* and i have no clue of what i am studying!!
yikaka always daydreaming in the lecture, but i think i do better in tutorial as the teacher sometimes seek answers from me haha

yep FINALLY the person's coming out!!!!
gtg to shower..haha
cao cao

ps: GOSSIP GIRL EP 14 is in downloading progress and SO IS EP 15 =)


glanced at the mirror at 7:02 pm
Monday, April 21, 2008
uh what a tough week
my lappie rusak!!
i dunno why, but it keeps restarting over and over again
when it opens the desktop then suddenly blue screen pops up and said: critical errors, computer needs to be shut down or something like that
and the worst thing is that it broke down in the middle of me typing my goddam susah assignment!
i lost 1000words
eek betul
i had to retyped, recalled everything written, researched the economical-financial eek website
PS: my fave word for the past 2-3 weeks will be EEK which means shit..
okay back to topic, when i lost the data i almost cried *in fact dah netes dikit tuh aermata*
i called my housemate (he knows computer better than me)
he tried to operate it in safe mode but still failed..huhu i was so scared
i called dodo, bukan burung dodo yg dah punah itu, but his phone was inactive
then i even more scared..my housemate suggested to call hidayat, a computer science prodigy, i called him my hero coz he saved my files but had to sacrifice the whole system
eventho i only able to access the file by using UBUNTU-Linux
nvm la bcoz i passed up dy, the moncap assignment
eek...such a hurry
lupa ini itu, i even forgot the appendix only attached 1..huhu
so scared looooh
now im using friend's laptop to blog
cannot blog, i must wait for hidayat or dodo to reformat it
why im being such a gaptek person
pgn maen internet
kangen bloghopping
sebel sebel sebeeelll
wait for me people

oh iya
my other blog cannot be accessed, the posts just simply not coming out
anybody know why??
the website : fivehappystars

monash is killing me slowly
hell of students!!!
ada gosip yg mengatakan the fee for each subject is MYR3600
astaganaga mahal gila!!

glanced at the mirror at 11:57 pm
Saturday, April 12, 2008
saya dah sembuuuuuh
thx for ur concerns and advices...

the poison is gone!!

my lovely perut gendut can eat as usual
and i think my big appetite is growing bigger

always makan makan makan makan
and yet never feel full
what happened???

garis timbangan pun terus bergeser
wana diet diet diet
menurunkan timbangan k berat ideal

i think ive became lazier by the day
i even dont know the due date for next assignment
and i figured out that it will be next week

i haven't find the articles, journals, newspaper on SUBPRIME LOAN!!!
THE MORTGAGE CRISIS THINGY IN USA AND ITS IMPACT ON AUSTRALIAN MARKET (or sumthin like that-i don't reali read the question lol)

yesterday i skipped half of e business lecture
so damn boring
it supposed to be 2hr but then during the 5 mins break i escaped from the lecture
went back home and slept for 2hrs
i wont say sorry PAT, coz u r so boring!!
glanced at the mirror at 1:48 am
food poisoning
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
gue keracunan makanan
sakit perut sekali banget!!!

i'm having food poisoning
having a very bad stomach ache!!!

and kanda also having the same problem
we ate the same food btw


glanced at the mirror at 10:57 pm
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
i think i'll be postponing my shopping time to IKEA
this is due to hectic life in uni
*damn,,why did i choose Monash in the first place??huhu*

i am doing nothing now, it is the peak of my boringness(do we have this word in dictionary? =P)
just bloghopping, reading some random stories and posts

looking any inspirations for doing my money and capital markets assignment
the due date is on 18th (i think)
it is about the sub-prime mortgage loan and the impact on Australian markets

omaigat..so damn lazy hor
i have to research on the country which is not my country or the place i live
why must australia
and what the hell is subprime loan
(well i know what it is, but why should i care..haha tak perduli lah, selama keuangan gwe tak kena imbas XD )


oiyah saya ada cerita ttg seseorang yang dah 6bln ini bareng ma saya (pamer nih br stengataonan =P )

si doi kan lg dapet assignment consumer behaviour, nah dia dpt partner org lokal sini
*which is the reason why im using bahasa..haha*
okey ni org bisa di consider oke lah, coz he was the president during my college.
nah ni org rupanya dapet jackpot! 3 assignments to be submitted within 6 days
jd hr jumat kemaren ada management assignment 1500 kata, trs hr senen ni ada business law assignment 2500 kata n hr rebo besok ada consumer behaviour 1000 kata

malang banget kan??
tp keknya dia membagikan kemalangan kepada si pacar eke
berhubung CB (consumer behaviour) assignment itu group work nah kan hrs dikerjain bareng
kerja bareng dah direncanain jauh2 hari, tp selalu kena postpone deh krn assignment laen yg hrs diutamain. tp kurang ajyar nya ni org lokal, dia gk pernah nepatin janji dia.

daftar janji janji palsu ni org lokal:

1. janji ktemu hr jumat diundur jd hari sabtu
2. janji ktemu hr sabtu pagi, diundur jd siang, diundur lg jd sore, ahirnya dibatalin
3. janji ktemu hari minggu jem 9 br dtg jem tenga 12 (dan pacar nunggu d library kampus sampe sakit mag)
4. janji ktemu hr senen pagi jem stenga 9, diundur smpe jem 1, diundur lg dan ahirnya dibatalin (padahal cowo gue gk ada kelas pagi, tp demi ni grp work dy bgn pagi n bengong2 sepanjang siang di library)

dan ahirnya cowo gue ngerjain tugasnya sendiri deh..aduh kasiannya, mo bantuin tp dah berlainan major, jd gk ngerti deh...

berjuanglah nda yah..hehe
jiayou ndaaa!!!!
glanced at the mirror at 12:15 am
Thursday, April 03, 2008
i finished my management assignment with 1639 words. slightly over the word limit but still under 10% over words limit.

my head is aching!
my eyes are tearing!
my fingers are kriting!

it is a stress-over-assignment syndrome
finished, now hoping for the best

tomorrow i think i'll be going to the cinema
refreshing after a week of pain
glanced at the mirror at 11:29 pm
katz katz katz katz
Tuesday, April 01, 2008
okeh im doing my management assignment about managerial skills
and hell ROBERT L KATZ is the most wanted man for now and it is very hard to find books about his theory
who is robert L katz??
gonna die soon,
and yet still have to do this 1500 words essay
okay its only 1500 but i dont know what to write

go die

and ikea is having sale!!
RM 19.90 only for a set of 4 mirrors
lalala ikea im sooo comin
glanced at the mirror at 9:28 pm