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Friday, March 28, 2008
i went to spore last sunday
celebrated easter there. hoho
it was a rush since i planned it on the moundy thursday =p
then jessica and i joined nenek and went there.
nenek was going to meet her koko there

we stayed at indon house just behind LUCKY PLAZA
stayed there for two nights and we had to pay $200 gyaaaa
so damn very clery wery expensive!!

then we went to sentosa with nenek's koko, his friends, and jessica's friend
*my friends couldn't go together with me..huhu*

we took the tour package there though it was expensive but just follow the majority la
we paid the ticket at about $65 to go to sentosa aquaria, 3D cinema, images of spore, dolphin lagoon, and chinatown museum. oya we crossed to sentosa by cable car, that's why we had to took the tour.

glanced at the mirror at 11:39 am
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
you made me cry all night long
and yet you said: disappointed

you never told me to change
and always say i love you the way you are

today for the many times
you behave like that
im sad
glanced at the mirror at 10:47 pm
due to error images..i canceled the post of "Indonesian English"
darn padahal lucu bgt nih
siyal siyal...huuuh

oh iyah abis buat jelly cmn jd 4 cetakan sih, 2 mangkok n 2 gelas..haha
dikarenakan keterbatasan peralatan jd dipakailah mangkok n gelas buat nyetaknya
enak nyamss.

SUPER grape-rambutan-pineapple jelly by NEZ. =P

glanced at the mirror at 3:14 pm
la la la
this week is the holy week
and the next three days will be holidays holy days for christian and so is for me.
last sunday was Palm Sunday and next:

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday/ Easter Vigil
and this Sunday is EASTER!!! yay
la la la

i have nothing much to write,, and also maybe these past few weeks i rarely go online
due to my new interest which is COOKING
gwe lg demen masak..haha

i tried simple dishes whether its nice or not, my bf and i will be eating it

search search search develop develop develop new DISHES..lalala
anybody want to share recipes with me??!!

oya, last week i bought this cute green bedsheet in AKEMIUCHI which held damn big sale..
haha 80%..lalala... this is my new sanctuary...

glanced at the mirror at 2:53 pm
no connection T.T
Friday, March 14, 2008
my internet connection got cut!!
this is due to the stupid agent who sent the bills only when it is overdue!
dang~ i paid 600 for this MINI and poor facility in this messy condominium unit
and still many problems..huff
now i blog at school, sorry guys i cannot visit u back soon but i promise to do so

two days ago my friends and i played paint ball in a park that is claimed as the largest paint ball parks in Malaysia
but guess what?!
it was damn small, there were only like 4 small fields with balloons as the fake tank.
there were 9 of us and also the other Malaysians as 1 group *they were also 9*
so nine of us played against them. we played in the place they called jungle
yet the name is jungle it was only a piece of empty land, no bushes, trees

i got shot on the hand. this stupid guy shot me right in front of me, he was hiding in the other side of my hiding place.
i was catching my breath when he showed up and shot me on the hand. haiz..
but then my lovely boyfriend who stood next to me shot him 3 times..in short distance!!yes! i LOVE you dear =P

i was out of the game, i raised my hand and walked out but still another stupid enemy shot me on my left ankle damn hurt!!
those two were bleeding..hurt a lot but still continued the games.
in total we played 2 fields and 1 jungle

the wound is now getting better no longer swollen.
I'll post our pix later as there is no way i can send the pix to library's computer.

well then see you when i gt my internet back =P

update pixx: a
glanced at the mirror at 12:57 pm
artis bawang bau kentut!!! kampret!
Sunday, March 09, 2008
NOTICE: maaf postingan dibawah ini akan berisi unek2 dr superNEZ..harap tidak mempertanyakan nama oknum. tidak sesuai untuk anak dibawah umur karena berisi banyak kata2 explisit..trimakasih =)

sebel deh.. ada kejadian super duper menyebalkan
jd gini ceritanya, kan gwe kmrn ni nemu fs junior gwe pas d highschool yg emang kebetulan die tuh artis lah *gwe gk mo nyebutin nama*
trus sbg org yg pernah kerja bareng di panggung n dy sbg junior gwe jd gwe kasi testi tuh
trs gwe tanya inget gk dy ma gwe..
gk brapa lama die bales, die blg inget ehh begok nya malah die nulis nama temen gwe!!! wat a stupid person!!

then then gwe bales lg kl die salah org
trs die dgn sotoynya nebak nama gwe dan SALAH lg..*tp aga nyrempet2 dikit sih*
maka gwe bales lg k profile die bahwa tebakan die cmn nyerempet dikit n terus gwe tanya basa basi soal UAN yg emang udah 6 pelajaran n pel apaan aja yg dibuat ujian..gwe kan gk tau loe science ato social studies NJING!!
dan tak lama kemudian die membalas lg dan menyatakan bahwa die lupa dan gk mo mengingat lg dan lebih parahnya pertanyaan gwe cmn die jwb:"uda tau 6pelajaran masi tanya, au ah gwe mao off dl"

sombong bgt loe!! gwe orang yg uda kerja bareng d panggung!! loe terkenal LAGI *dulu karirnya dah mampet!* jg krn dah manggung dimana gwe adalah kepala coordinator backstage!! tanpa gwe pertunjukan panggung loe bakal ancur!! dan sekarang dgn seenak udel loe njawab pertanyaan org yg dah berjasa k loe..huuuh
dan lebih parahnya, semua testimonials (ada 3 keknya) yg dah gwe kasih die HAPUS *catet tuh!!!*
taee!! gwe pun ber api2, berasap dr idung kek naga bonar, dan rambut medusa gwe klr..
stelah gwe liat2 jg, die cmn meng approve para "FANS2" nya d fs tanpa pernah membalas testimonials dr mereka...betapa sombong nya..
loe terkenal krn mrk tauk!!
kl emang mo dihargai hrs menghargai donk *loh gk nyambung -.-" *

dan dengan mangkelnya gwe hapus fs die dr friendlist gwe
lalu keesokan harinya pas lagi2 gwe online dan lagi2 gwe ngecek FRIENDSTER
eh tu anak nge add gwe lg.. (nyadar kali dah gwe hapus wakak)
lalu dgn suksesnya gwe REJECT!!
hahaha mampus kaoww!!

ps: gwe ngamuk2 gini dah kek org gile ya??gwe rasa konyol sih, tp emang gwe kesel bgt!!! dulu pernah kerja bareng, ngobrol sana sini, ngabisin waktu bareng, nongkrong2 dan balesannya??
gwe lg PMS kali ya? sensi abiss..

~wanita oh wanita~
glanced at the mirror at 5:12 pm
Thursday, March 06, 2008
tomorrow i will be having my first presentation for this new sem
and dang!!! i don't know what the materials are
shoot me please

Monash University is having AIDS campaign in the campus called "ONE LIFE"
i think it is nice, they built something like labyrinth about the causes of AIDS, prostitution and child trafficking. So, we view the life in the victim's point of view or something like that.
its a real nice campaign, but then to enter the place we need to queue up long lines.
From 9.30 until 3pm i found a very long lines.
So do come to Monash University near the library from 5-8 March 2008

ps: I'm a bit mad at someone for a-not-clear reason
even though the person didn't do anything bad
~ay yay yay yay~
glanced at the mirror at 12:44 am
C H A N G E D ! ! ! ! !
glanced at the mirror at 12:27 am
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh so MAD!!!!
wanna kick someone's ass
a song that quite cheering me up

South Park Uncle Fucka Lyrics

Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle f**ka
You're an uncle f**ka, yes its true
Nobody f**ks uncles quite like you

Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're the one that f**ked your uncle, uncle f**ka
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just f**k your uncle all day long

Policeman: What's going on here?
(farting noises)
F**ker f**ker uncle f**ka uncle f**ka f**ka f**ka f**ka
People: OOOoooooooooooooh
Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka (uncle f**ka)

You're a boner biting bastard uncle f**ka
You're an uncle f**ka I must say
Well you f**ked your uncle yesterday
Uncle f**ka... thats you
U-N-C-L-E f**k you Uncle
glanced at the mirror at 11:10 pm
Monday, March 03, 2008
on the last day of february which was 29th feb 2008
one of my friend was celebrating his 5th bday
yes!! he celebrates it every 4 years..

since it is a really very rare occasion, my friend and i were planning to celebrate it for him
the girls made a pail of deadly potion to be poured on him, contains all expired foods in our refrigerator!! IMAGINE!!
expired butter, milk, fruits, and even we got yeast aka mushroom!!!!
the smell was sooo ewwww
and yet we poured it onto him
he was tied on the pole in front of the soccer field he couldnt move at all, even to scratch his itchy nose.bwahahaha

poor him..
but anyway happy bully-day yah pin..hwaahahha
glanced at the mirror at 1:49 pm