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Sunday, December 30, 2007
well today is SUNDAY..1 day to 2008
i am doing absolutely NOTHING!! ..
eventhough i have this business law tutorial problems but still too lazy to touch the book. haha
so here i am now. blogging however i dont know what to blog about.

i uploaded 2 videos to veoh and i had been munching snacks since 30minutes ago...
aaaa ngemil ngemil ngemil ngemil..
gendut,,tapi enak..

i DO heart pringles..haha

aaa so dilemma *halah gini aja pake dilemma*
munching pringles or doing law in commerce

Q: why cant i do both??
A: woohoo good question.. thats because my brain wont allow me to do 2 jobs at the same time. i cannot have anything in my mouth while doing problems and vice versa...huhuhu.

super nez mode: ON
in fact last time during my high school i could do many jobs at the same time.
i did my homework while having dinner and watching tv.nyahaha

glanced at the mirror at 4:02 pm
tired tired
Saturday, December 29, 2007
today is such a TIRING day
nez AGAIN spent her day with BF *lately she spends her time with her beloved one =P *.

as i said he is preparing for his new room. he moves out from his old under-school condo to private condo. he got one single room at the same block with me. its just mine is on 12th floor and his is on 19th floor. hihi .

he's looking for stuffs to put in his room; so in order to find the best price we explored the whole wholesalers in Subang, Puchong and Kelana Jaya. We visited 5 (yes,FIVE!!) wholesalers namely GIANT Subang Jaya, GIANT-TESCO-JUSCO all in Puchong and another GIANT MALL near Kelana Jaya.
ha ha ha. damn tired. kekeke

actually last week we went to CARREFOUR to find him desk and cupboard however we postponed it until he got his monthly salary money from his dad. we want to find better price for all those goods that's why we explore the city. ha ha

the weather is HOT (attention that is in big big and capslock), KL is soooo hot. i thought i would have been melt.hufff

then then we got all the goods needed. we dashed to his new unit to construct those things. we surely CONSTRUCT that things that's why we pay cheaper *here do-it-yourself goods are much more cheaper then the build up one*

and guess what..to construct the things were so damn hard!!! *i wont let myself buy another DIY things eventho its cheaper!!*
mine and his hands are now in pain. huhu however i still have one create-your-own rack and he has his desk waiting to be constructed. hahaha
wait 'til we regain our energy. exhausting.
yesterday we cleaned up the messy dusty and dirty room and today we explored pasaraya besar aka wholesalers hunting goods then construct them

ya ya ya..now its time to take rest..

PS: i have blisters on my waist, it is somehow itchy and a finger length.
WHAT IS IT???? aaa so scary, i thought it was shingles but THANKS GOD its NOT
but still itchy..huhu

it is 2 days to 2008 ^^
glanced at the mirror at 7:02 pm
Friday, December 28, 2007
new year is approaching but we, monash students, are still struggling with our summer course. huhu
summer course is a short course, its about half of the semester.

funny story, last time i went to Suria KLCC with my boyfriend, celebrated xmas with him and bought rotiboy.
i think now im a rotiboy addict now -.-"

the special think was that we wore the same tees.hehe i bought him this tee for xmas present
hehe..a very cute yellow MnM tee. he usually wears BLACK, but he was so colorful that day with yellow..keke

then in KLCC we went to mark n spencer shop there i found a very cute yummy gummy jelly. and guess what. this jelly is NON HALAL!! this is the first time i found jelly using pork gelatine, hehe, and the price also quite surprising just for german made gummy jelly..huff
then moving to isetan and i found my fave fruit, banana, inside a chocolate. it is a chocolate banana by meiji..hihi so nice. its shape also like banana..kekeke

KLCC soo nice, there's a 6 floor xmas tree..hohoho

almost new year..cant wait..but my assignment due date is also approaching T___T
these are some pix...

the yellow tees *we got one pix together wearing it
but my dear dear doesnt want me to publish haha*

the pig gelatine gummy jelly *yums yums*

the choco banana *nice*

ps: today i cut my boyfriend's hair, well not exactly a new cut, just a little work here and there with his hair; and now he's asleep because too tired cleaning up his new room..hihi..so cute, he covers his face while sleeping..haha...
glanced at the mirror at 10:50 pm
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
my dearest grandma..
you had suffered for a long time

if only i knew that you wait until Christmas
i would be more than want to celebrate it with you
if only i knew that you are so in pain
i would stay at your side

now i cannot see you anymore
your smile, i will treasure it in my deepest part
your kindness, i will always remember it in my head

i am sorry i cannot be with you at your last moment
now i cannot kiss you anymore
i can hug you no longer

but this tears wont fall again
i'm pleased to know that you are now free from all that pain
i'm pleased to know that you are now watching me from above
i'm pleased to know that you are now staying at HIS right side peacefully

eventhough you ever forgot my face
i will remember yours forever
i love you and
i'm gonna miss you so grandma

happy christmas and good bye...
love you always....
Your granddaughter
Innes Tan

Rest in Peace
Mrs Tan N Ong
glanced at the mirror at 9:00 pm
Christmas is coming to town~
Saturday, December 22, 2007
it is 3 days before christmas. la la la
so happy.
i wanna put some pix showing the christmas joy here in KL
*taking from my friend's friendster page -thx cat^^, u surely went to a lot of places-*



The Pavillion and Starhill Gallery

Last but not least is...


Christmas is coming.

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glanced at the mirror at 1:27 pm
happy hari raya kurban
Thursday, December 20, 2007
happy hari raya kurban!!!!

i went to 1utama this afternoon, the road is nearly empty but hell when i arrived there the road in front of the mall was jam..heavy jam..so my hubby turned the car to another road to avoid the jam. however the mall WAS full of people and even to find carpark also hard..sigh

okay.. we went into the mall and went straight to the floor directory to find Carl's Jr..yes we went faraway to oneutama to eat that BIG hamburger. my one is called SUPER STAR with CHEESE, its fillings are two charbroiled all-beef patties, two slices of american cheese, two slices of tomatoes, lettuce, sliced onions, pickles, special sauce, and mayonnaise on a toasted sesame seed bun...scary innit? in amazingly i FINISHED it by myself!!!gosh i also amazed, my hubby was shocked!! OMG kekeke. the burger is bigger than my palm, haha, can u imagine??

took some pix

this is one utama, the Christmas decoration is so nice and for your information all the dolls are MOVING. haha

and this is the super star burger. hell so big!! Carl's Jr you rock my world!!

glanced at the mirror at 10:31 pm
Sunday, December 16, 2007
yesterday i went to midvalley in the middle of my harmful diseases..haha..
sakit perut, pusing, batuk, pilek, suara ilang....paket sakit ahoyyy

there was a large pack of people inside there,,shopping for christmas...
indonesian, chinese, malay, india, arabian, iranian, and even bule2 oso there

midvalley is having their christmas megasale, so ppl are attracted to come and shop there
moreover they also decorate the whole building and it was so damn nice!!!!
*but i didnt take picture...so crowded even hard to find a place to pose =p*

i bought this nice pink hair band for RM 8 and a black tee by voir for RM28.90

glanced at the mirror at 4:36 pm
Friday, December 14, 2007
i lost my voice

iz due to the climate weather changes
sun in the morning and at about 12 pm rain comes down till dark
always like that everyday since i came back here..
also many of my friends are having cough and influenza
SO no wonder the same thing happened to me

uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk

come back my voice oooo come back
i miss u my voice huhuhu
glanced at the mirror at 4:43 pm
Tuesday, December 11, 2007


im ADDICTED to AVATAR The Last Airbender

well its kinda late actually
i watched it since first aired in 2005 *i think*
but hell the schedule did not match me..so i always skip the episodes
then i bought the DVD box..
yeah..nice movie
sadly i own season 1 only
now hunting for season 2 and 3


i started my summer course already
it was not really interesting
the lecture was full of long long long speech in high standard english
then the tutorial was quite good
hope i can survive this killer subject
wish me luck....
ps: im watching avatar online,,,hahah

glanced at the mirror at 8:06 pm
back to KL
Sunday, December 09, 2007
i am back in KL already..
last night i arrived with flight KL 810 at 22.15
that was an unpleasant flight
so noisy one
well i sat next to the pantry there, stewardess everywhere they were chit chatting in DEUTSCH..ah made me headache hearing their damn fast conversation in Deutsch..
i learned that language when i was in high school but now it left nothing in my brain
wakaka..so useless Herr Rikhard taught me all those Germany things.

i sat in ROW 52..dang!!!
then sat next to me a mother whose daughter was unexpectedly also a Monash-business student. behind me was i dunno but this lady used 'minyak angin cap KAPAK'...aaah so bauuuu smelly~

then then the food was not nice, we got chicken meehoon, rojak, and i dunno what cake
yaikx..my stomach cried huhu.. T.T

and waited for the luggage...damn long...aaaaaaaahhh

and i arrived at my room past midnite...
aduuh tired tired
glanced at the mirror at 11:31 am