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Sunday, November 18, 2007
im going home today

in 3 hours time will be in the flight back to jakarta

see you soon after holz

*nez is in temporary hiatus* =P
glanced at the mirror at 12:55 pm
happy birthdaaayyy
Friday, November 16, 2007
today Nov 16th is kanda's bday

...happy birthday KANDA...

last night he came over to my place and we *incl the housemates and neighbors* celebrated for him. i managed to buy the cake and i bought ice cream cake by Haagen Daazs.
sadly i FORGOT to tk pix of it T_________T

after make a wish he blew the two candles and cut the cake. then then we asked him to take out the candles not by his hands but mouth..gugugu...ice cream all over his mouth and nose, but then he wiped it before i tk pix...
only managed to tk pix before he wiped the last cake from his chin -.-"

the cake was so yummy even though after eating icecream cake at 12 am made my tummy hurt..guguugug
but thats very very okay with me =p

*poor hun hun, u drank blood last nite =p*
his grumpy emo face so ... huekeke

glanced at the mirror at 5:55 pm
Thursday, November 15, 2007
time goes so fast...its already Nov 15th and tomorrow will be my hub's bday

i dont know whether i should prepare any surprise party since most of our friends went back to their hometown already

then every SINGLE day i stick to him then
bah bah bah
i know theres nobody i can stick to -.-"
the other left already -.-

yasudalah,,lets see later tonite hws the surprise will be
-honestly i dont think it will be a surprise for him-

yesterday my unit did some cleaning and guess what
while cleaning the bathroom they threw my TOOTHBRUSH away
huaaaa...that one is special toothbrush what
i cannot find one here,,in KL
aaaahhh i have to find the smallest toothbrush head for my small mouth *weh,,why should i hv such a small mouth,,,cannot use normal brush ~.~*

countdown for going back : 3 days
Jakarta im comiiing in 3 days time
glanced at the mirror at 1:36 pm
friendster swt~~~
Saturday, November 10, 2007
yea i admit that me myself open friendster website EVERYDAY. huahahaha
i always think that this is a must for me, eventhough the comments are sooo unimportant and that i only give a few dollars to the friendster founder for clicking on the buttons there..haha

however it is one of the way i contact with my friends living far far faraway from here...but hell i think there are way too many internet traffic and slow down the performance...


okay enough for the friendster thingy...
hux hux
yesterday my lil' mama turtle was found dead

it happened when I cleaned up the aquarium mama turtle lied still..
usually when i cleaned up, all turtles will become hyper and swim around..

now only left papa turtle and baby turtle in the aquarium..i have to separate them in two mini places as papa turtle seems dominant and im afraid the baby will be injured..bah bah bah


Mama Turtle
07.07 - 11.07


countdown for going back:8 days
Jakarta im comiiinngg~
glanced at the mirror at 1:31 pm
Thursday, November 08, 2007
today my dear friend wenny missed her ship to her hometown..poor wenny
hihihi....tomorrow she's planning to go to the harbor really early in the morning...8am liao

sun hong wen~

i wanna eat rotiboy oooo rotiboy
tomorrow will be rotiboy hunting day 2007

current condition:
constipated liao..
didn't eat enough fibre
tomorrow must eat healthy food
*after rotiboy of coz*

glanced at the mirror at 11:05 pm
Monday, November 05, 2007

today got nothin' to do, thus i edited pix for my friendster add me!!

I spent the whole day at home
i DO think this is a waste of time but how come i still like it??

last night I injured my left index finger..huhu..
my bad..i went out for dinner last night, it was raining so i brought my umbrella with me
when i arrived at the car and wanted to close the umbrella something sharp *damn sharp* cut my finger..really hurt..trust me!!
i could feel the skin peeled off my finger..hueee and its bleeding
my dinner was not that delicious anymore *actually i ate Szechuan Duck La Mien* huhu
and arrived at home i asked my housemate for his effective-pain-causing liquid medicine something like Traditional Chinese betadine. really hurt...i cried when i applied it on my wound..til now it still hurts -.-"

and that i type on like a snail as i couldn't use my index finger

PS: i got easily annoyed today!!! dunno why but i got easily pissed-off..haha
teenager's hormone....
glanced at the mirror at 9:59 pm
Sunday, November 04, 2007


the magic number turns to ONE


Ever since you stepped into my life
You've filled it with
love, warmth, joy, happiness,
lots and lots of precious plus geje moments


Have I ever told you that

~I LOVE you~

glanced at the mirror at 12:55 am
finish examm
Thursday, November 01, 2007
finally with this post i declare...
the exam has finished

yey yey yey yipee


so now im hoping for good results..

the exam progress:

Accounting - not balance liao T.T
Marketing - did not finish, nervous, blanky-blanky mind' -.-"
Statistics - okay la, i could finish early..thx for the A4 paper
Microeconomics - tired to death, how to draw the graphs???


now its time to hura hura...lalala...and hoping that i will pass all the exams
best of luck to those who'r havin their exams and also to those who's going to have their exams soon...

la la la la...
glanced at the mirror at 12:43 pm