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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
exams are coming soon,,,
16 more days i'll be having the bustat exam
and hell i have no idea about what materials i studied in the class
i even rarely cm to the lecture..

the first reason is it is too early at 8am in the morning *hellow most of ppl here slp after midnite and yaix we hv 8am class...snooze in the audi leh

the second reason
is that started from the middle of the sem, we had a guy instead of a woman as our lecturer, his class is soooo boring and he's whispering NOT talking to us. we can barely hear him and surely he just read everything from the slide w/o any examples. so i think its better for me to enjoy my sleep at my room rather than come to this too early and boring lecture.

thats the bustat class,,,now the accounting class..
Monash got another problem, out of the blue, the lecturer changed to the i dont know who professor..he is as boring as the bustat lecture...i slept in the lecture...
the original lecturer met a very super duper serious problems and that he's resign from the campus...
i did like him loh, the original lecturer i mean, he taught us with passion *eventhough he boasted aLOT abt himself* and he does care abt his students...he's willing to help us with our difficulties..haiz...too bad he resigned.
however yesterday's lecture even more boring and i COULDN'T sleep in the audi. so i was like sleep but not sleep..opotohh...

then the micro class....
OMG the lecturer did the revision,,,so damn fast leh,,
to wrote the materials also didn't have enough time...huaaaaa
scary dr wong, he explained everything in the speed of sound,,,ohohoho

monash really really damn boring and boring boring boring
expensive, boring, bad cafeteria, not enough computers in the library, faraway frm my place,even more when its raining,,haiz,,,,
monash oh monash

geje deh...
glanced at the mirror at 12:34 am