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Thursday, September 27, 2007
nez is on her mid-break
but nothin special with it,,,
i have to struggle with my endless assignments....
hoex hoex

lately i got no activities...
sleep, wake up, shower, lunch, chat, youtube-ing, chat, shower, dinner, chat, sleep
that's the routine...ngek
so damn boring...

and in less than one week i've spent almost 400...gyaaaa
all spent for food...
aaa soon i will become one of the piggiest ppl on earth..sh*t
*but i tried various kind of food,,,malaysia boleeehhh,,,deliciosooo*


nb: today i forgot to pay my rental...ngekkkk
hope they won't kick me out TT_________TT
glanced at the mirror at 3:18 pm
Saturday, September 22, 2007
the mid break started today...

i went to somewhere with someone in a time that somewhat we call it MIDNITE *we departed at exactly 12 am*
crazy...but we had fun...enjoy the lost

glanced at the mirror at 2:02 am
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
ye ye ye ye ye ye ye
mid break is coming...
hepi hepi..but then after it we have accounting assignment...
84 pages...
hepi holidaeeee...
glanced at the mirror at 10:04 pm
3 in 1
Thursday, September 13, 2007
this will be a long posting...
this is a 3 in 1 posting
my 3 conditions in 1 posting

3 in 1
3 ASSIGNMENTS IN 1 week...
yea, aS*ITment
that's what i'll be having this week
Introductory to Microeconomics
Marketing Theory and Practice
Business Statistics

what a struggling weekend..
babay my weekend....
pray for me pls...


boredom kills me~
my life is colorless *halah nez gaya amat sih*
yes that's true,,every week is just the SAME
SAME activity
SAME lectures
SAME tutorials
SAME cafeteria
and even SAME food for lunch

bore bore bore

i want to do something extraordinary
i want to meet different people
i want to eat something new
i want to be taught by different lecturers *ow u wish!*

bore bore bore



i think they are different now
everybody's changing
i feel left behind
i think they don't gv a s*it anymore
i miss the old me
who was not dependent on anybody
i want to be the old me
who was an independent girl
i know i can and i HAVE to
glanced at the mirror at 9:35 pm
Sunday, September 09, 2007
all my blog readers...
with this post,, i wanna apologize that recently my postings are like a sh*t...
sorry sorry

this is due to the condition of mine -.-'

my bad....

pls bare with mii~ ^___^


now the posting::
yesterday JACKIE CHAN came to shopping mall nearby for the grand opening his new fitness franchise called "JACKIE CHAN's sport california fitness" in sunway pyramid...
my friends and I went there but we didn't meet him in person...damn crowded...
in sunway got 3 major events:
1. JACKIE came

2. Monash graduation

3. Merdeka bash *i think its a employees gathering*

then here comes the story...
when my friends were at where jackie was *opo toooh*
i and my 2 other friends were going to roam around and got tester on mooncakes *there got mooncakes everywere* then then,,,when we were walking towards elevator i saw a lil' boi crying finding his momma..
the other 2 just walkin by but this child came over me...feeling guilty left him like that i brought him to information center..and dammit, the sound system was broken,pyramid bodoh..so they couldn't inform the momma...after a long long long waiting, the mother came...tk the boi boi and just go...she said thanks while she walked away...

haiz...dasar ibu ibu~
her child is such a cute and handsome boi, she should tk care of him more...
oiya i oso ate 2 pieces of breast chikin @McD...damn...
bcame piggie oredi -.-'
glanced at the mirror at 6:23 pm
thx thx thx
Saturday, September 08, 2007
i just wanna say thx to you for accompanying me..
i enjoyed it very2 much^^
v laughed, ate, lost, did adventure EVERYWHERE *but actually v going nowhere*
apalah nih...hahahha
da,,thx a lot yahh...
i'll treasure that one^^
u helped me pass trough my hard times..
it started with: eh,,tmnin *_*_*_*_*_* yuk and ended w/ ice cream^^

glanced at the mirror at 12:14 pm
Wednesday, September 05, 2007
im feeling confuse..
a lot of problems..
here and there..
and also i dunno what he thinks and what they think...
glanced at the mirror at 2:34 am
babay rand
Saturday, September 01, 2007
randy is going back tonite
just gt back from sending him off

actually i knew randy only in the sem2 cimp..
i cannot say v r very2 close but somehow i missed him when he was back in indo..
finally he came in the beginning of august..he stayed for 1month here

i ony hd 1 chance to hang out 2gether w/ him
v went to yuen, dinner, steamboat...
together w/ all members of wat la team and oso vania

now 1 sept 2007 he went back again, he is not going to continue uni in malay instead he goes for oz

babay randy....

see you when you see me..miss you when you miss me

rand, sun hong yaa..tekker there and don't forget us, your frens in malay
gonna miss u so much^^

glanced at the mirror at 5:37 pm