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huahuahua...going crazy
Thursday, August 30, 2007
waaa..im going crazy..
got accounting assignment due in 6 hours from now...
i finished it already but i dont dare to sleep as i have class at 8am
this week i think i need more sleep..always sleep at dawn and wake up early.
i got three out of four morning classes at 8am


and then tomorrow is Malaysia 5oth independence day
my friends and i are planning to go to PJ and watch fireworks there *eventhough sunway lagoon which is just behind my condo also got fireworks*
looking forward for it however last night when i reconfirmed it again it seemed that it'll be cancelled

it is 6.15 am
and now im HUNGRY

song of the day: anonymous - bobby valentino
glanced at the mirror at 6:02 am
Sunday, August 26, 2007
i like him...
just pure admire him

i don't want anybody knows..
i desperately want everybody knows

i wanna get closer to him..
just a real best friend

i talk to him but somehow i miss him

*i hate when i feel like this*

glanced at the mirror at 11:54 pm
Thursday, August 23, 2007
im having problem right now...
wanna kill someone...

really pissed off...
glanced at the mirror at 10:56 pm
Sunday, August 19, 2007
I just heard an old song (not so old though) by hyde named evergreen.
He dedicated this song for his late best friend..In fact this song is sung in japanese and english. However i prefer the english version *since i understand it*

This is the lyrics:


Sung by: Hyde

I lie awake beside the windowsill
Like a flower in a vase
A moment caught in glass
The rays of sunlight come and beckon me
To a sleepy dreamy haze
A sense of summer days
If only I could stop the flow of time
Turn the clock to yesterday
Erasing all the pain
I've only memories of happiness
Such pleasure we have shared
I'd do it all again
This scenery is evergreen
As buds turn into leaves, the colours live and breathe
This scenery is evergreen
Your tears are falling silently
So full of joy, you are a child of spring
With a beauty that is pure
An innocence endures
You flow right through me like a medicine
Bringing quiet to my soul
Without you I'm not whole
This scenery is evergreen
I need you far too much , I long to feel your touch
This scenery is evergreen
You've always been so dear to me
This scenery is evergreen
It sorrow at the sight of seeing you so sad
This scenery is evergreen
I wish that I could dry your tears
The bells have rung, the time has come
I cannot find the words to say my last goodbye
This scenery is evergreen
You've always been so dear to me

And i am DOING my assignment now,
hv no idea ab out it at all...
and im going crazy!!

jiayou for me!!!
glanced at the mirror at 4:06 pm
Thursday, August 16, 2007
17th August is Independence day of INdonesia
hore hore
indonesia is 62 now

merdeka merdeka
my whole unit (all indonesian) sang INDONESIA RAYA, 17AGUSTUS...all in new version...
never tout INDONESIA RAYA can be sung in ROCK..wkakakaka

glanced at the mirror at 9:02 pm
webek my NEZNOHIBI
Monday, August 13, 2007
yes yes...
welcome back to me~
since 1st june i didn't blog anything...
my blog is lumutan..no new update..hihi~

my life come back in color *yaix*
i gt my internet connection today *fyi i moved out from my old condo and now staying wif my frenz*

13th august was sux..there was 3 assignments (YES..THREE in ONE DAY!!) namely marketing, business statistics and microeconomics..
i DID procrastinated again juz lyk in CIMP..haiz haiz..
tired d. now i wanna sleep but caNNot..hikx hixk..

this was written specially for Farid
(who longin' for the update...)

Otsukaresama~ for me
glanced at the mirror at 10:02 pm