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class party
Monday, May 28, 2007
last thursday was the last school day
CIMPians finished the exams..our finals..
so relieved...

then last two thursdays was our class party for each subject...

for the families we ate roti canai..
i cant believe that with our RM47 (according to our treasurer, that's from the fine in our class) we only ate roti canai, roti pisang, roti kaya, roti bom, some chicken boxing, and brownies..
*the brownies were so good~~*

but its okay, im happy with it..i took picture with EVERYONE in my class..and so did I in the second class..mr Z's class...but mr Z seemed so cold and tough, v just took picture and thats all..class dismissed..bah bah bah

and for IB, suddenly the class suggested to buy KFC..then ta wai, gabrienna and justin went KFC to buy. we tought they ran away with our chicken....
today i felt bloated and almost vomit...
----> ---->

these are some pix frenz

this is my families class..ppl in the class *according to the seat*
ms ranee.syaril.shu yi.kartene.lee lee.suet mei.tharaka.julia.gabriella.denissa.kemal.nico.NEZ.min young.zhao loong.seon jun.jin hyuk.kelly *transferred*.

the econ class..*also according to seats*
mr z.linda.chi lin.li ji.seon jun.eun chong.heo yul *transferred*.arif.andrian.seong min.NEZ.gabriella.shi jia.cha cha.monica k.helen.mevin.kavitha.rico.shin chuen.laura.nina.raysa.monica h.catherine.ryan.imam.liem.

then ib class...*also according to our permanent seat at CL1*
ms sumathy.seon jun.ta wai.daniel.tania.rita.garry.monica k.nina.vina.NEZ.farid.gabrienna.ali.elvira.rommy.hani.mintoo.navis.rionaldo.justin.li ji.eun chong.lee mi na *transferred*.

this is some pix *i put few only coz i couldnt take pix(my phone battery was empty TT)*


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18th birthday
Saturday, May 19, 2007

may 18th was my 18th birthday..
my friends were so crazy..they came outside my apartment and called me down...
when i came out..surprised loooo...
a LOT of them!!! i felt touched *almost cried*

hahaha...then v celebrated my birthday..when i supposed to tk out the candles from the cake with my mouth i found out that its difficult..haha...and someone pushed my head..the cake had the copy of my face there hahaha...

they poured water on me, broke egg on my head *randy i'll kill you*, and threw flour everywhere...crazy one..

then v tk pictures......thx friendssss^____^ ^____^


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unmasking the magic
Saturday, May 12, 2007
activity: recently i watched korean movie called 200 pounds beauty (미녀는 괴로워)...a very nice movie..sumore got handsome+beauty actors...later i'll post abt it...just find one first...recommended by me!!


on may 10th 2007 was CIMP prom with the theme "unmasking the magic"...
actually it supposed to be a masquerade party but no one wear mask...haha~

it was started at 7pm, so my 4 princes and i went there before 7..i thought it would be on time or what. but i arrived there and still empty. and the bad thing was my ticket still with my friend..so i waited for her..
waiting waiting and keep waiting..she never come...
i called her...she said she still at pyramid and wanna go home...WHAT??
so shocked!!!!
tired le...me wearing high heels (never wear it what)...nye...cape...
finally she came..almost 8 already bah!!!
went inside the MPH and sit!!!finally i touched the seat..bahahah...
sumore the food just soso...no worth for 60..ngeq..but not bad la...the satay soooo hard to be pulled..nyeee...

v tk pix...a lot...i'll post it..but only few ya...coz so many..guess which one is me...haha

-some of the camera whor*s-

-girls in black feat dr.rosemary and ms. ranee-

-we feat mr owen-

-mr Z and us-


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Mini Junsu (김인환)
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
i don't really have anything to post..
prior to my addiction, i post this one
ps: this time my post will be full of ADORKabLe pictures..lol..

recently i am in addiction to tvxq aka dbsk (dong bang shin ki)
and they have the MINI version *5 little boy who resemble tvxq members*

they are:
mini yunho -->u-know moonbin

mini yoochun --> micky chan hee (강찬희)

mini changmin -->choikang dong hun

mini jaejoong -->youngwoong sung woong (윤성웅)

mini junsu -->xiah in hwan (김인환)

i really like KIM IN HWAN who resembles XIAH JUNSU
this is his bio:

name: kim in hwan (김인환)

dob: November 2,2002

weight: 15 kg

height: 105cm

family: father, mother, inhwan, sohyun

right: Mini DongBang
left: Junsu x In Hwan (muackz...so jealous what..haha)
-soompi forums

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what a week?!
Saturday, May 05, 2007
after the week of early sleep*which was last week*, this week is a late sleep week...

since last sat or sunday *forgot already* i slept at 3 or 4 or even 5 in the morning; and wk up at 7 or 7.30 so tiring la with the sleep hour like this

this may gt so many people having their birthday..v Indonesians come out at 12 and celebrate our friends' birthday....buy the cake, eggs, bring cold water, and some disgusting stuffs to throw at the birthday boy/girl.....
after the celebration each of us must take a shower twice trice or even more..coz the smell never gone..yaikzzz...

i just watched wild hogs and spidey 3 recently...both are good movie but i dont really enjoy it..
when i watched wild hogs, i just gt back from about 8 hours walking, with a smelly feet *yaiy* sweaty shirt, oily face and hair, and a LOT of stuffs plus NO MONEY in the wallet, i watched WILD HOGS...i almost fallen asleep from exhaustion...really didn't enjoy the film i felt like just waste the money..i WANTED go home, shower and sleep. but anyway the movie finished at 2 or something. when we were out, its down pouring rain; v had to wait*dun wan take taxi, the driver crazy le, they charge 10RM for night fare and if v wanted to be 5 person in a taxi they'll charge even more* so v waited and a soon as it stopped v went home. but near the apartment it started to rain AGAIN so v dashed to our place..tired...

and the SPIDER MAN 3...damn long movie...i had body aching from it..my back is pegal pegal coz from sitting in a long time*fyi TGV seats are bad..not comf at all..* but the movie was not bad la..harry osborn is cute!!! and the "bad" peter parker so damn HOT!!!! *i never know that tobey's hair style can change him a LOT*
what a week...tired but cannot sleep..not sleepy at all...

5 days before prom..nez jiayou!!!!


song of the week: Tohoshinki: "sky"

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