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Thursday, March 29, 2007
waaaa...this morning - afternoon i had my OSSLT test.
tired d...

the tests were of 2 booklets. consist of MCQs, news report, summarizing, opinion para, and questionnaires. it was not really tough, its just me that felt tired after writing a lot of things; moreover the MPH, where the tests took place, was so damn cold. even though i wore my jacket, still felt cold.

*how about those ppl with no jacket?? i dunno..freezing maybe*

then we had an hour break before continue the booklet 2. we had lunch at cafeteria and i realized that my ring was cut into half *OMG OMG OMG*
so sad T___T

-somebody said its a bad luck to cut your ring into two- OH NO!!!

after an hour we went back to MPH to do the booklet 2.
its similar to the previous one except the opinion para. gyahahha..
but anyway, since my stomach was full *after lunch d* i felt sleepy during the test.
moreover with the conducive situation of cool, silence..
but i strengthen my self to keep awake...
finally finished the tests at 2.30 but another thing happened.
due to the pour rain and wet field, the Frisbee match between students and lecturers was postponed until undecided time *"pls check the blackboard for more info," mr owen said*. swt~~~

ahhhhh..a very BIG SWT!!!!

~Saeng il chukha hamnida Min Young oppa~
happy belated birthday...my dear group mate..


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top 2 things
Saturday, March 24, 2007
my friend febry rizky asked me to repost these two thingy questions..hehehe..so here v go...

top 2 things found in your wallet: money & discount card XD
top 2 songs you can listen to again and again: Hug - DBSK and Irreplaceable - beyonce
top 2 reasons to watch television: my fave tv show & good movies
top 2 places I'd want to visit 10 yrs.from now: south africa & North Pole (?)
top 2 favorite nick name: neZ & neZ
top 2 favorite food: burger & cheese (eat a lot :p)
top 2 favorite snacks: bubble tea *consider as snack?* & Lexus
top 2 favorite website: neznohibi.blogspot.com & neznohibi.multiply.com
top 2 obsessions: graduate frm uni & married (? jokin rite ?)
top 2 goals you want to accomplish:same as above
top 2 favorite colors: yellow & blue
top 2 favorite part of the house: my bedroom & bathroom XD
top 2 things i can't wait to happen: finish exam & break time
top 2 places where I love to shop: mangga dua & ITC
top 2 movies I could watch over and over: potter & potter



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goodbye my lover
Monday, March 19, 2007
aaa..its already March 19..
oh no, means that the due date of ISUs are approaching..ngekz..
u know what this past 4weekends my friends and I were suffering, thanks to our lovely lecturers who like to give assignments..haiz...who cares?? right now just let it flow...let it gone with the wind *__*

anyway, today i had my IB quiz. wakaka..i studied nothing. since yesterday i just played and last night i dropped by kiki's place *borrowed his internet* to find some pictures related to macroeconomics. Mr Z is so scary that i tried my best to find it *i even bugging iwan for this matters* desperado me...

just now i found out in the newspaper about the travel to japan thingy. malaysia is having the promotion *since matta fair finished yesterday* haiz but still the trip to japan is soooo expensive.. real expensive.

but the almighty me *hiperbole mode: on* caught a glimpse of SALE banner at the bottom of the paper said "trip to korea 6D only RM1900"
wah so cheap. it covers many places loh. nice one. maybe i'll consider it and ask my parents to go there this june. wakakaka

hope can go there...wakakak..
*anyway i forgot the purpose of writing this post*
i supposedly write something but i totally forgot..hahah..*nez is forgetful*
baba Nez...Nez grandma...

tk k^^

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glanced at the mirror at 5:28 pm
Monday, March 12, 2007

these past few days the internet was so bad
always gt dc..aaa~~~

i dont know if its just me but my frenz are keep chatting..
grmbl grmbl...!@#$%^&*

anyway, last weekend was so boring.
i went nowhere except carrefour..
because many of my friends are sick 。。なぜ?

maybe because this year according to chinese calendar is the FIRE BOAR year *im not sure..pokoke tahun babi api*
and because of this symbol/shio *i mean the boar* many bad lucks happened.
~esp for the snakes *like me*...we have bad luck..~
proved by so many people gt sick..too bad, now is the busy time for college and still they sick..
jessica skipped today's lesson because she felt bad and wanted to vomit..poor jessica..get well soon my friend. and also to others take care of your body, don't get sick


wanna go online~~~~
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bore bore
Monday, March 05, 2007
ah~~..class just started last week, we are in the second week after chinese new year holiday. BUT WHY am i so boring??
i dont know la

but today i found out something that break my heart..T__T
sobzz...now so sad d...
my crush still love his crush..halah in simple way, i adore someone, but this guy still cannot forget the girl whom he loved in the past..ngeqzzz..

at first i was so happy that i could be close friend for him,,but the fact that he cannot forget the girl makes me sad. sooooooooobbbbbbbzzzzzzz
my friend said just give up on him and find another guy, bt its not that easy..its all about feeling...haiz *sounds like adult already*

last weekend was a long lazy weekend, got nothing to do *in fact still gt hw*
so my friend and i were imagining about holiday to japan.
both of us want to see snow..never see b4...
and for the budget, we estimated around RM6000 per person.
will i success saving my money for this trip???
There also gt the sapporo snow festival...a~~~
so nice one >..<

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