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my country
Wednesday, January 31, 2007


still empty though...now im learning how to use it...zxixixixi

juz wanna tell my day.
i got assignments on future family. i can write anything, the border is my imagination..hahaha
so i decided to established my country. and this is the encyclopedia on my country:

Official Name:

NEZpublyck pho de NEZionx (Repulic of NEZ)

Capital city:





iNez nez


82 million of NEZians (est year 2442)


333,666 km2 - made of 3 islands being stick together by the help of ZENilem--> powerful glue that can stick anything even islands TMNEZcoorps.

NEZpublyck pho de NEZionx is situated in the northern Pacific Ocean, about 3,900 km east of Hawaii islands.


Ŋ (ZENmoni)

National Anthem:

All hail Nezi, Longlive Nezi


English (official language) and ZENish (traditional language).

gyahahahah...wat d u think???
glanced at the mirror at 10:05 pm
3days ony
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
this week i have only 3 school days...
wakakkaka... due to thaipusam day on feb 1 so holidays...
wakakkakka...but i have a lot of assignments...so lazy to do..

anybody has idea for my essay on futuristic family...hoooooooo
glanced at the mirror at 4:33 pm
stupid stupid stupid
Thursday, January 25, 2007
i just redecorate my room. it looks bigger now, since i used the space effectively lolx
but now im tired... and my friends ask me to go asia cafe...haiz..

i wanna post some stupid face of ma frens..ahhaha

*but the stupid thing is i forgot my id and password. i cant even remember the name of the site that i registered.*

O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just remember...it is BOLT.com..hahah
so stupid r..

so this some candid..well not really candid..hoho

jezz with water in the discussion room

johnny at the foyer..

jojo the "oon face" *she's using my specs hahha..a local know ony know OON*..haha

they're pretending its their room..haiz...in IKEA


anyway, originally i wanted to tk pix (the whole person) but the result is:

glanced at the mirror at 6:30 pm
busy busy busy
Monday, January 22, 2007
last week i dropped the calculus class, so now i only have 3 classes

but all of the classes are crazy, the teachers are mad...
haiz..I'm gonna die.

on Tuesday i have many tasks and so is in Thursday.

Tuesday's to do list:
report on Canada vs Indonesia (families)
frame work on "the family in 100 years to go" (families)
read chapter 2 from individuals textbook (families)
quiz on 7 philosophers (economy)
CYU pg 61 #1 (economy)
find article about business climate in US (international business)

Thursday's to do list:
test on unit 1 (consist of 3 chapter) -- econ
presentation on US for investors target-- International Business
culminating project due -- families

I'm wondering why this semester is tough. with these subjects and assignments i don't think i can sleep tight...

somebody HELP!!! tasukete....
glanced at the mirror at 4:15 pm
Sunday, January 14, 2007
yihaaaaaa...i think its OVER now...

with this post, i want to thanks my friends for concerning me..
they such a good friend, even if i cannot reveal what the problem is, but im glad to hv friends like u guys...

so life must goes on, forget the past and try hard for a better future..

this past week ive been thinking about something that even i myslef confused abt it.
it is not i dont trust you, but i am not used to tell ppl my problem, i just keep them for myself.
i know its a bad habit, because with friends we can share anything, sadness and happiness...

but hey its ME,,, i cannot just suddenly turn into someone else.
pls be patient with me...

GBU always...

averygoodquote:thatswhatfriendsarefor, nowiknowwhatitmeans...
glanced at the mirror at 4:08 pm
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
i hv gd news and bad news.....

the college life starts again..from 8.30 to 16.30

1. i dropped physics and geometry and tk economy and individual families, im a bit sad bcoz i hv to leave that geo and economy class with some of cute guys there T_T
u know wat, my geometry class even only hv 2 girls in a class, me and the other is dato's daughter (dato is like rich person in malaysia). now i dropped the class then only left 1 girl..haha..she'll become primadona there..

2. i found the library books...hore hore...
if i couldn find it i will DIE..i hv to pay around RM 384 hahaha..
luckily my friend found it in her roomate table..haiz..but still i needed to pay the fine RM24

3. my econ teacher is so scary, my friend was late for 1 minute. Mr Zibauer scolded him, he shouted at the student... kowaii...>.<
Tomorrow i'll be having calculus test..with teacher mr avilla..bah..!!
i also get IB presentation abt "visit Indonesia" <--presentation to promote Indonesia - something like visit malaysia 2007.. 1 group with david and lee mina..so funny, the don't know much abt Indonesia so i keep laughing to tell them condition of Indonesia, they are so curious...haha

4. i like my classmates....they are cute, and come from many countries...i like them..haha...

5. the internet is LAME!!!!! cape deh... -.-''

hw abt ur first day at school? im sure u finished the holz already...hw's ur first day back to the hectic life?

ME??? im TIRED..haha
glanced at the mirror at 8:18 pm