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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
finish exam oredi..sux mann..my accounting exam so hard ler..dunno why, bt i felt so nervous, almost vomit there...(butterfly effect ^o^) the assets and liabilities+OE did not balance...hikzz
ooo whatever r...pusing..
and i made the decision for my timetable..so the final subjects are..
period 1: geometry
period 2: physics
period 4: calculus
period 5: international business
'haiz' pasti suffer deh T__T
*updated finish*

start from yesterday until thursday, CIMPians will have their final...
i myself, still gt accounting final on thursday..
everybody study hard, i dunno why, but i feel sooo relax, not scare or anything..haizz...
padahal accounting's material is around 14chapters..wahahahha..
oiya, rite now im in dilemma. so confused, whether take business or science subjects on next semester,,,aih aih,,,someone help me!!tasukete,,
bt my mom said if we go to science program then on our master degree we can still tk business.
benefit on us. bt im scared cannot pass the subjects..so scary~~

-dilemma dilemma dilemma-

oiya, last friday we had our CIMP t-shirt day..so happy, we tk pix (alot of it)..
my t-shirt is sooo big, i tk the M size for guys..haha..didn manage to gt the girl one..wakaka


stand: gabby, citra, amanda, jck, nez
sit: eddy, lung
glanced at the mirror at 5:03 pm
new skin
Friday, November 24, 2006
new layout..
i accidentally found this cute skin *haiz cute --"*
the pic is shrimps....waaaa

i love shrimps..mau dibuat sweet and sour, fried shrimp...
anything i lyk..hahhahaha
do give comment on this new skin okay??
haha...final exam on monday..waaaa
glanced at the mirror at 12:48 am
Saturday, November 18, 2006
a lazy saturday..

my friend got problem with a girl..
not an ordinary girl bt a stoneheaded girl..
really aggressive swt naa..
this boy so scared and asked me to help him..
me myself couldn help since this girl oso bugging me..dunno why..
i just knew him, bt this girl asked me everything bout him.
*i think she likes him, but she didn admit it*

hellooWww..im not his babysitter..nor his gf!!!

aih aih,,,and more even stupider *halah,,hiperbol english*
i gave my phone number to her...ahh *suicide laa*
she forced me to give it,, and i gave it *aih plak plak*

anyone hv any suggestion to gt rid of this girl?? really annoying T___T
glanced at the mirror at 11:27 am
Thursday, November 16, 2006
because of the school's assignments and tests, i forgot to return the book frm library,
i just remember yesterday,, and it was oledi overdue..i hv to pay RM5...hahaha
so stupid, that's my daily allowance for food and now i hv to waste it by paying the charge T_T

btw its almost final exam, 1 week to go, and after that i will GO BACK HOME!!!
yay..miss indo so much, i never thought that i will ever miss it.hahaha
since jakarta is really crowded, jam, pollution, motorcycle, haiz,,
so menyebalkan!! but i trully miss it now, miss my family so much..
my dog,,aih aih,,


for the past few days my head is aching,,until now,,for no clear reason
aduhhh..soooo dizzy,,pusing,,

message for you, MY FRIEND..

"i dont know why, but you seems to be changed.
So different from the previous you that i knew.
A cheerful girl, with a lot of friends
The previous you were a good friend and a nice person to hang out with;
but since when u become like that?do i made mistakes?
u always refuse to hang out with me, u do not even look at me as we met each other?
just tell me the reason
i think i did not do anything that pissed u off..
well if i did, im so sorry.

i never meant to do that.

fyi, u change alot and many ppl noticed it..
come on,, we are friends..u know."
glanced at the mirror at 5:57 pm
bo lui
Sunday, November 12, 2006
this november, i gt so many friends are celebrating their birthday..
it means that -> i have to buy presents for them,,wew,,
aih aih...then this month malaysia has no sale in their stores..
no discount anywhere..sobz..

i become bankrupt,,no money,,bo lui,,

nw i must do my mdm homework, the teacher gave us so many questions and i did not know forgot that we must submit to her 2molo...
work work work..hahaha

oiya yesterday i spent RM250 or around Rp 625,000 for presents..aih aih,,
glanced at the mirror at 7:32 pm
Friday, November 10, 2006
finish oledii..
everything finished..
the last thing i had: ENGLISH isu and oledi passed up this afternoon
during class.

my brain suffered a lot, i need a lot of sleep..
rite now i dunno wat to write, my brain cannot think anymore
i have used it up for the past 1.5 weeks.
everyday i did a lot of writings and karang mengarang..so rite now no space to karang karang..

i preoccupied too much that i said something stupid...
here's the story..
the day be4 i was so sleepy that i didn sleep to do the accounting isu..
during the english class when we had to pass up the writings of 600 words my friend asked me
friend : "nez, hw many d u write?"
nez: " i wrote a lot, more than the requirement. i wrote around 1200 words"
friend: " waaa, u so hebat laaa"
i proudly answered "of course laa..from now on ill call myself SUPER ME.."

my friend remained silent and out of the blue she laughed and giggled a lot..
"so u call urself SUPER ME eh? hhahah" she said to me between her laugh.
i thought abt it first and haizzz..
so stupid super me is pronounced super mee..in indonesia supermie is a famous noodle brand.. n now i called my self noodle. hw ridiculous...


halah...i became error becoz of isu..

oiya...my friend made her blog, a new born blogger..hhihi...
visit her blog click here and help her to improve yaa...

-2 weeks notice,, final exam is coming to the theatre end of november..be alert!!!-
glanced at the mirror at 2:57 pm
Monday, November 06, 2006

Last nite I didn sleep. Or maybe just for 2 hours.
Workin on MDM final project w/ my friend. I want to share my terrible experience.

My group consist of 3. all of us are procrastinater..halah.. *I mean last minute person* That’s what elly said to me.
We finished the report at 7 am and due on the same day at 11 am. My other friend(not the one who did the whole nite w/ me) promised to send us his 2 questions works out of 16 quest bt he didn.
Next thing he said he’ll bring it today to the class to be attached w/ the “7 am report”. But guess wat. HE DIDN COME. OMG..


Still lack of question 7 and 8..OH NO!!!
Then two of us must struggle loh..soo tiring..cape..
Then it was 11.15 and we still need 1 more question. Aih aih..
We cannot afford la..then I go to my teacher and explain. Blah blah blah blah.
Sambil ngos2an keep talking, denisa sampe bengong ngeliatin gw!! LUCKILY she wanted to give extension.. ULL BE BLESSED miss.

The English, I didn do any. Jus 40 out of 600 words. Otw to my mdm teacher’s room I met mr Murphy having lunch. So I stopped there and begging for his kindness. Askin for extension for the news article. And LUCKILY he gave me the permission. ULL BE BLESSED sir. Bt as soon as the English class started he gave us another

Update on my assignment:
1. mdm final project finish oledi
2. accounts final project -> doing 3rd para, due on wed
3. accounts hw 4 cases-> finish 3 cases, 1 more for 2molo
4. eng isu replacement -> no improvement except mr Murphy told us to make at
least 1000 words essay to pass up on wed
5. eng news article on terribly strange bed -> finish oledi w/ more than 600 words
6. *new eng news article on murder case min 600 words due 2molo -> in progress
7. *new mdm quiz on 3 chaptz on wed
8. *new eng presentation on wed
9. *new accounts close book assignement on thu..

Die laaaaa..

Latest condition of ME:
virus occupied -> not away yet..go away virus.. huz..huz
blooding because jerawat di jidat td kegaruk…aih aih..so suffering..
need more sleep..zzzzzzz
glanced at the mirror at 5:58 pm
bye bye weekend
Saturday, November 04, 2006

i will spend my weekend with doing a bunch of assignments....
bye bye my weekend..

here's the list:
1. math of data management - final project
2. accounting - final project
3. accounting - hw on chapt 10 (4 cases)
4. english - make a news aritcle on "the terribly strange bed" min 600 words
5. english - isu replacement on of mice and men vS death of salesman

all due on monday..hyahahha...
crazy ME....

somebody volunteering to help??
glanced at the mirror at 6:58 pm
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Last 26th oct was my friend Vania's sweet 16th.
We were planning to punk’d here....but failed...
Bwahahha....the failure was becoz she met my other fren who bought bday cake for her at pyramid,,she became paranoid and wanted to go home asap. Bt I tried to make her stay out longer and tk a lot of pix. hihi..

>>guess which one's mine???

star fingers
-and oso this one-

our funky feet

Padahal before that she didn even remember her birthday...
Poor Vania -.-""..wakakkak…
And the following Friday, she treated many frenz for steamboat at YUEN...
Wakaka...there were so many of us..vania spent about RM450.wahhhhh...

here's the burthday galz Vania..
And these past few days,,
Viruses are invading attacking Sunway...
So many ppl got sick,,incl ME..
Most of us were suffered from sore throat, flu, headache, fever, body aching, and blablabla…cannot study well..almost exam.. hihihohohaha..

..PRAY FOR US PLS for our hectic month..
glanced at the mirror at 5:09 pm